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COGNISANCE, pleading. Where the defendant in an action of replevin (not being entitled to the distress or goods which are the subject of the replevin) acknowledges the taking of the distress, and insists that such taking was legal, not because he himself had a right to distrain on his own account, but because he made the distress by the command of another, who had a right to distrain on the goods which are the subject of the suit. Lawes on Pl. 35, 36; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3571.

COGNISANCE, practice. Sometimes signifies jurisdiction and judicial power, an sometimes the hearing of a matter judicially. It is a term used in the acknowledgment of a fine. See Vaughan's Rep. 207.

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Taking a cue from the survey, the researchers have made specific recommendations and suggestions to policy makers to take cognisance of the scarcity of HRs and the ongoing experimentation with different models under the primary health care system.
Dhaka A special Bangladeshi tribunal yesterday took cognisance of charges relating to crimes against humanity against Gulam Azam, described as a EoACAykey collaborator' of the then Pakistani junta during the 1971 liberation war and ordered his appearance to face trial.
He appealed to the international community to take cognisance of the gross human rights violations being perpetrated by Indian troops in the occupied territory.
According to a statement of Home Department, the Minister issued the directed after taking cognisance of reports of firing on shops allegedly by extortionist elements in the Food Street located on Burns Road.
Taking cognisance on the spread of the disease, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has also started initiating action against the culprits, who fail to take preventive measures to stop the breeding of Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes.
The team must also take cognisance of the framework masterplan which was developed for the cork science and innovation park (herein after referred to as csaip) at curraheen, bishopstown, co cork by cork county council in 2011.
Even though we have not received any complaint, but taking cognisance of media reports have asked the District Election Officers of New Delhi and North-East Delhi to go through the voter enrolment form filed by Kejriwal.
He appealed to the international human rights organizations to take cognisance of the miserable plight of Kashmiri detainees, languishing in different jails inside and outside the occupied territory.
If the government took cognisance of the deficit, it would translate into jobs for around 2,000-3,000 teachers, he pointed out.
Saini took cognisance of the agency's charge sheet filed against eight accused, including four companies, and summoned them on March 2, 2015.
The design is to take cognisance of Albyn s design brief, compliance with HVN, the Scottish Housing Quality Standards and other relevant Scottish Government future requirements in terms of CO2 emissions.
Lucknow/Pratapgarh (Uttar Pradesh), July 26 ( ANI ): The Uttar Pradesh Government has reportedly taken cognisance of of a media report that revealed that five orphaned kids were living in a graveyard in Pratapgarh after the death of their AIDS-afflicted parents.