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Exercise is thought to improve cognition through various mechanisms.
They examine computer simulation methods to model the dynamics of affect and cognition in organizations; open-ended interviews; how leadership training interventions can facilitate the development of managersAE dual-processing capabilities; policy-capturing; combining behavioral experiments with protocol analysis to capture work-related cognition in action; causal mapping techniques; repertory grid techniques; social neuroscience; think aloud and fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) techniques; and content analysis.
The company said this is due to the positive phase 1b data that Umecrine Cognition recently presented for its drug candidate GR3027.
This is the first completed randomized controlled trial using both a test of cognition and a self-reported method to assess the impact of physical activity on cancer survivors.
Using angels as a test-case, whose intellectual cognition he believes to be the same as ours in its pure condition, will reveal the hermeneutical inadequacy of images.
Axiom's global presence will introduce Cognition clients and lawyers to a broader respective lawyer and client base, allowing the firm to extend its mission on a more global scale.
The acquisition of the remaining BMi Research shares will further complement and enhance the strategic objectives that Cognition has embarked on.
Various cognitive theories seek to identify the role of understanding and focus of cognitive strategies in general and capitalizing cognition in particular.
Most conceptual definitions and measures of sexual cognitions (often referred to as fantasies) assume that they are pleasant, enjoyable, and deliberate (Leitenberg & Henning, 1995).
SAN FRANCISCO -- There appear to be no effects on cognition from participating in the lifestyle and metformin arms of the Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study, results from a large long-term analysis showed.
An estimated 50 percent of people with multiple sclerosis live with cognition challenges, such as problems with thinking speed and memory.