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Given these issues, screening for sleep problems or poor sleep habits is an important first step in planning interventions with cognitive remediation training.
The two organizations will also launch "Topics in Cognitive Science" beginning in 2009.
12] levels, however, folic acid appeared to protect against cognitive impairment, and it had no significant relationship to anemia, the researchers report in the January American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
Studying of self-regulation as a cognitive competency has for a long time been done primarily in older children.
By increasing the charges for cognitive management to more accurately reflect cost for one-on-one intervention, we have been able to support the cost of the Day Spring staff.
Cognitive psychology has looked at the neuropsychological processes involved in decision making and identified several theoretical approaches to this question.
In addition, some cognitive problems affect vision or communication.
In addition to language processing skills which facilitate semantic understanding of quantitative concepts, even early levels of math curriculum require a multitude of cognitive activities, including counting knowledge, number production and comprehension, fact ability, procedural knowledge, and problem solving.
The cognitive paradigm focuses on the whole user's experience in seeking information, that is, thoughts, feelings, and actions (Dervin, 1983; Ingwersen, 1992; Kuhlthau, 2004; Nahl, 2004).
Unfortunately, inhalant abuse poses definite dangers to the health of young children, including cognitive, neurological and physiological disorders, as well as the threat of sudden death.
Results: In pre-assessment, the mean scores of cognitive deficits, emotional deregulation and depressive symptoms were higher as compared to post-surgery assessments (p<0.
Cognitive stimulation therapy in the Italian context: its efficacy in cognitive and non-cognitive measures in older adults with dementia.

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