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The CSAI-2R is composed of 16 items that measure three subscales: cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety, and self-confidence.
42) of the cognitive anxiety, who presented negative effect (-2.
In a study which was made to determine the effect of gender difference on the things that emerges before pre-competition temporary patterning, anxiety and self-confidence, males didn't have any change in their cognitive anxiety level towards competition time while female athletes had a gradual increase in their cognitive anxiety level as competition time approached.
We sought to determine if there is a difference in cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety, and self-confidence state subscale scores on the CSAI-2 for published norms for elite-level Olympic athletes as compared to international Special Olympics athletes.
The pre-intervention LP and HP tests both indicated no significant Group differences for performance, somatic anxiety, cognitive anxiety or confidence.
For instance, Kenow and Williams (1992) found that athletes who evaluated their coach's behaviour to be more negative tended to have higher levels of cognitive anxiety and low self-confidence.
Other methods of reducing somatic tension and cognitive anxiety may include relaxation-meditative techniques, cognitive reffaming, and other methods of reducing excessive thinking (Sadigh, 2012b).
The results indicated that perfectionism and its components and the components of cognitive anxiety did not have a normal distribution.
Robb (2005) proposed that cognitive anxiety would have negative correlation with performance while physiological anxiety has curvilinear relationship with performance.
There was a 55% reduction in the cognitive anxiety to the post-training mean of 3.
Hence, cognitive anxiety can negatively affect learning and performance (Hembree, 1988; Sapp, Farrell, & Durand, 1995; Zeidner, 1998).
This 12-item questionnaire measures, with 7-point scales, the level of physiological and cognitive anxiety immediately before the public speaking exercise.

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