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As shown in the table, there is a significant difference between participants with a diploma degree and the participants with an associate's degree or higher with regard to their cognitive anxiety (P = 0.
5 0 10 cognitive anxiety Baseline BAI physiological 8 10.
In addition, two additional linear regressions used hardiness total scores to predict both Cognitive Anxiety Direction and Somatic Anxiety Direction at Trial 2 prior to plane exit.
The first purpose of the study was to examine whether approach-avoidance goals predict enjoyment and cognitive anxiety in sport.
The significant differences found for the mean scores CSAI-2R somatic and cognitive anxiety (p = 0.
Combinations of cognitive-behavioral strategies may exist which would minimize cognitive anxiety and optimize somatic arousal levels, thus buffering an athlete from the theorized catastrophic point in Hardy's model.
Table 3 shows the scores of cognitive anxiety in elite and non-elite karate athletes.
If they want to succeed, they should lower their level of cognitive anxiety and raise their self confidence [23].
With a similar focus, Craft, Magyar, Becker and Feltz (2003) conducted a meta-analysis of 29 studies that utilized the CSAI-2 in which there appeared relationships, albeit weak, between performance outcomes and cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety and self-confidence.
Millions of students and people suffer from somatic and cognitive anxiety each year.
Moreover, results for the two dependent measures most targeted for change in this mental training program were completely consistent with predictions as MST lugers reported significantly greater drops in cognitive anxiety and greater improvements in group task cohesion scores compared to placebo or control lugers.
Intercorrelations within the three measures revealed statistically significant but low relationships among ego goal orientation and performance climate scales and within self-confidence intensity, cognitive anxiety interpretation, and somatic anxiety interpretation scales.

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