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However, people caught in a period of cognitive dissonance are motivated to reduce the discomfort of the situation.
For instance, people would not mind about, or would deny, the negative consequences when they are confronted with cognitive dissonance.
However, for individuals with strong moral norms the desire to avoid cognitive dissonance creates a drive to behave consistently.
So, in this study we took cognitive dissonance theory and students' evaluation of teaching and courses in areas of high and low achievement.
We use cognitive dissonance as an interpretive lens for the third research question.
Although some research studied the measures or quality of the online reviews, they seldom integrated eWOM or eNWOM in a model with cognitive dissonance (Liu & Keng, 2014; Riquelme & Roman, 2014).
Festinger (1962) concluded cognitive dissonance occurs when a person's attitudes and beliefs are challenged with a decision inconsistent with their attitudes and beliefs.
The last time Insanity was left unattended, the dinosaurs went extinct, and thus it is up to Cognitive Dissonance, Muse, Genius, and Leviticus to rein him in and stave off the possible coming apocalypse.
Theory of Rationalization: A Radical Perspective on Cognitive Dissonance
While this explanation brings harmony to one case of cognitive dissonance, it brings about another altogether.
Consequently, customers relying just on such reviews may experience unexpected problems (Honeymooner's Review Guide, 2012) generating dissatisfaction leading to cognitive dissonance (O'Neill and Palmer, 2004).
Psychologists will recognise symptoms of cognitive dissonance.

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