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This neutralizing tendency toward knowledge at the collegiate level has tended to diminish or overlook the importance of cognitive growth patterns.
Correctional counseling; a cognitive growth perspective, 2d ed.
Our programmes are designed to create experiences that harness a child's natural curiosity and enable physical, social and cognitive growth. We also promote parent-child bonding through our classes and indoor play areas.
Regarding cognitive growth, a recent study showed how breastfeeding can actually make a child smarter.
* Almost 40% of Indian children suffer from malnutrition, which adversely affects physical and cognitive growth and increases susceptibility to infections.
The emphasis on accountability in measuring students' "learning outcomes" has been natural for private colleges to embrace because the widely used measures of graduation rates and cognitive growth indicate that these colleges do better than public four-year colleges--and that is true when comparing all students with similar records of achievement at the time of high school graduation.
Adolescence is an important period of physical, social, psychological, and cognitive growth. No longer children and not yet adults, adolescents make significant choices about their health and develop attitudes and health behaviors that continue into adulthood.
It may not seem obvious that improving mobility will result in cognitive growth in infants, but we have seen it in our lab.
Most cognitive growth in adults involves learning new facts, skills and ways of doing things.
(1997) reported that 43 master's-degree counselors-in-training demonstrated no cognitive growth during a counselor training program as assessed by a measure of general cognitive complexity, the Washington University Sentence Completion Test (WUSCT; Loevinger, 1976; Loevinger & Wessler, 1970).
Consequently, it negatively impacts the GDP, reducing physical and cognitive growth and productivity of individuals.
They typically bring their learning deficits from disorganized homes in troubled neighborhoods, places where ill-prepared and overstretched adults, very often young single moms with minimal education of their own, offer babies and toddlers too little true conversation, intellectual stimulation, and cognitive growth.

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