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De facon similaire, l'etude de Sellwood et collaborateurs (2013) a montre que la cognition subjective est davantage correlee avec la performance cognitive objective chez les sujets sains quelle ne l'est chez les patients atteints de la schizophrenie.
This situation created a bias toward cognitive objectives, which has only lately begun to subside.
Bloom identified six levels of evaluation for cognitive objectives which relate to levels of testing.
A curriculum that integrates content material with accessible literature is effective for ESL students with varying levels of proficiency and is an excellent methodology for developing the academic and cognitive objectives of CBI.
"Bibliographic Instructional Design for Information Literacy: Integrating Affective and Cognitive Objectives." Research Strategies, 11(2):73-88, Spring 1993; and Pitts, Judy M.

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