cognitive powers

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We as Homo sapiens ought to use our cognitive powers to learn, reflect, discern, perceive and perform constructively for the greater common good and that of generations yet to come.
ISLAMABAD -- Animals with largest brain volume, have superior cognitive powers, shows a large-scale investigation into the evolution of self-control in animals.
Clearly on this occasion, my decision to participate in a game that required both physical and cognitive powers to work hand-in-hand was beyond me given the nature and level of my stress.
Work your dog's mind and body in purposeful play to develop his cognitive powers.
Disruptive innovation" promises to change what we think of as a soldier: artificially enhanced soldiers with psychical and cognitive powers well beyond normal human capacity.
As University of Manchester philosopher John Harris notes, Savulescu's and Persson's "extreme risk aversion would justify not only retarding scientific progress but retarding the cognitive powers of people as well.
If cognitive powers such as sensibility, understanding, and synthesis were to describe functions and operations of the noumenal mind, the Analytic would be describing nontemporal and noncausal features of something that is shown to be theoretically incognizable by the Analytic.
It's not their fault, you see; everything was in their bag when they last looked, so frankly this is the kind of mystery that couldn't be solved with the combined cognitive powers of everyone from Sherlock to Velma from Scooby Doo.
Now Schuster is interested in how the demands of nuanced spitting may have influenced the considerable cognitive powers of archerfish.
This seemed to increase blood flow in the brain and improve cognitive powers, maybe by triggering growth of new neurons.
TEHRAN (FNA)- It appeared that applying an electrical current to your brain not only boosts your cognitive powers, but it can also help you obtain the mystical ability of lucid dreaming, where you can control the plot and outcome of your dreams.
Scientists at Duke University, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Yale and more than two-dozen other research institutions found that the species with the largest brain volume - not volume relative to body size - showed superior cognitive powers in a series of food-foraging experiments.

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