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Over the last 30 years, ACT has constructed an alternative model that explicitly minimizes cognitive restructuring while emphasizing cognitive defusion interventions.
In our GCBT sessions, we focused on replacing negative automatic thoughts with more adaptive thoughts by using a cognitive restructuring technique which is believed to have contributed to the relief of depression.
The opposite happened in stress CSs, especially in: Self-criticism, [F.sup.(3380)] = 2.683, p < .05, [eta]p2 = .024; Emotional expression, [F.sub.(3.380)] = 4.631, p < .01, [eta]p2 = .033; Social support, [F.sub.(3.380)] = 6.0 1 8,p < .045, [eta]p2 = .045; Cognitive restructuring, [F.sub.(3.380)] = 5.0 1 5, p < .01, [eta]p2 = .032; Problem, Avoidance [F.sub.(3.380)] = 2.702, p < .05, [eta]p2 = .019.
Pre-retirement group scored higher on Happiness, Self Esteem, Problem solving, Cognitive Restructuring, Express Emotions, Social Support, Self Criticism, Problem Focused Engagement, Emotion Focused Engagement and Emotion Focused Disengagement.
Therefore, cognitive restructuring was applied in this order: (1) first session, psychoeducation on the interaction between the situation, cognition (thoughts), emotion and behavior; (2) second session, guided identification of automatic thoughts; (3) third session, Dysfunctional Thought Record (DTR), (4) fourth session, individual guided discovery of ANTs presented in the highest anxiety situations on the ISRA B.
Additionally, he shared with the study staff member that he still sometimes has negative thoughts but is now able to step back and utilize his new cognitive restructuring skills in the moment, and his thoughts don't spiral out of control anymore.
It is noteworthy that thought restructuring or reframing is an important element in formalized CBT-informed therapies and most studies do not isolate thought restructuring as we have done here, but rather examine it as an overall strategy in the cognitive restructuring process that is known to positively affect groups or individuals who deal with stigma-associated barriers to mental health treatment.
Cognitive restructuring analyzes negative responses to stress and determines what the distortions may be and what physical and emotional responses are being elicited.
The SIH Weight Loss Program ensures that the patient receives potent behavior modification training and cognitive restructuring in order to remove the underlying causes of the excess weight.
178) Thus, Can, Debory and Eskin (2012) compared the efficacy of systematic desensitization (behavior therapy) and cognitive restructuring (cognitive therapy) in reducing high scores on test anxiety, guided by the hypothesis that cognitive restructuring would be superior to systematic desensitization in reducing the severity of cognitive symptoms of anxiety, while systematic desensitization would be superior to cognitive restructuring in reducing the severity of the physiological symptoms of anxiety.
Cognitive behavior therapy procedures, e.g., cognitive restructuring, relaxation training, focus on the prevention symptom flare up and coping with the effects of medical disorders (Speigler & Guevremont, 2010; Lundervold & Poppen, 2004a).

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