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It's well established that cognitive-behavioral therapy is as effective as antidepressant medication, and its effects last longer after treatment discontinuation than those of drugs.
Support and encouragement from therapists and research staff may have provided immediate help to cocaine abusers, they note, while specific abstinence strategies forged in cognitive-behavioral therapy were implemented several months later.
Nevertheless, the researchers contend that biological signs of disturbed sleep do not appear to brand depressed outpatients as unsuitable for cognitive-behavioral therapy.
Much can be learned from the oldest cognitive-behavioral therapy model, Abraham Low's Recovery Inc.
In a 12-week, randomized trial, the composite score of four clinical outcomes (satisfaction with treatment, a quality of life questionnaire, global well-being, and the McGill Pain Questionnaire) was significantly more improved for 135 women who received cognitive-behavioral therapy than it was for 66 women who received modified-attentional control therapy (Gastroenterology 125[1]:19-31, 2003).
Results of 1-year follow-up in 19 patients from the original cognitive-behavioral therapy group plus the 10 crossovers were nearly identical to the results of the after-treatment assessments, showing duration of the improvements over time, Dr.
A course of cognitive-behavioral therapy helped patients with rheumatoid arthritis in several psychological spheres, but did not appear.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy -- designed to change mistaken beliefs about normal physiological reactions when anxious and provide gradual, supportive exposure to feared situations -- also serves as an effective treatment, the panel adds.
For those patients who develop posttraumatic stress disorder, the best validated psychological treatment with the largest effect is cognitive-behavioral therapy, according to Dr.
The review, which encompassed cognitive-behavioral therapy EEG biofeedback, relaxation therapy and educational interventions, alone and in various combinations, showed that the few existing studies tend to be marked by poor methodologic quality and/or contradictory results.
Selmi devised a computer treatment program that operates on the tenets of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which stresses practical exercises to change thoughts and behaviors contributing to depression.
NEW YORK -- Cognitive-behavioral therapy, when provided by a skilled therapist, can be just as effective as an SSRI or combined treatment for children with obsessive-compulsive disorder, Dr.