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The power, authority, and ability of a judge to determine a particular legal matter. A judge's decision to take note of or deal with a cause.

That which is cognizable to a judge is within the scope of his or her jurisdiction. A Justice of the Peace would not have cognizance of a major criminal matter, for example.

See: appreciation, apprehension, cognition, comprehension, experience, heed, identification, insight, knowledge, notice, observation, perception, realization, reason, recognition, scienter


1 the right of a court to hear and determine a cause or matter.
2 (US) confession.
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With a plethora of events including online events like Insomnia and Illushun, theme events Elixir and Edify, Model United Nations, Competitions Chaos and Corpostrat, and the most awaited robotics events like Robosapiens and Armageddon, Cognizance 2015 ensures the best time possible for all enthusiasts.
The Office of the President (OP), while handling cases involving its inherent powers, also takes cognizance of cases pursuant to special laws, such as those from the HLURB," he said, noting that 75 percent of the cases appealed with the OP are HLURB cases.
Government of India should seriously take immediate cognizance of this incident.
He formed Cognizance Associates two years ago to bring together "the very best people in our field".
The state government was embarrassed after the court took cognizance of Deshmukh's instructions to police not to any action.
It is affirmed that PEMRA is determined to inculcate media ethics among its licensees and takes cognizance of any violation committed by any of the private satellite TV channel while covering any act of terrorism and violence in any part of the country.
Work will be performed in the areas under the cognizance of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Pacific (NAVFAC Pacific).
Holding forth on the social life of flies or the idea of parliament in Machiavelli, these scholarly presentations signaled a will to govern in cognizance of the social and political sciences through an open interdisciplinarity between scholars and politicians.
Authorities in Paris took cognizance of such local activism and decided to promote it.
As governor last year, he proclaimed May 15 "Massachusetts Gay/Straight Youth Pride Day" and "urge[d] all citizens of the Commonwealth to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance.
For each qualified applicant, DOCPER submits for USSSO signature an accreditation letter addressed to the Italian consulate that has cognizance for the area where the TR applicant resides.
Contracts for as many as 50 schools can be awarded at a time: results are predictably totally without cognizance of locality, orientation or community.