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To explain how angels cognize God short of supernatural cognition, Scotus identifies two strong contenders: either the angel might possess an intelligible species distinctly representing the divine essence; or it might reflect upon its own essence as an imago Dei (although the latter, as we will see, only yields indistinct notitia).
It makes up only a part of a thing's cognition, because in being conscious of a thing as having that property, one cognizes it only partially, not wholly--that is, through some, but not all, of the predicates that apply to that thing.
In each case we fail to remember; for in order to remember we must both use an appropriate copy as a copy and (more or less) accurately cognize the time (452b27-9).
This interpretation is supported by the Kanva recension, which inserts the entire Advaita Refrain (in slightly different form (10)) before the vijnataram kena vijaniyat "With what would one cognize the cognizer?
That is, in the case of a proposition, two other temporally discrete acts of the intellect are required in order to cognize the actual intelligible proposition in terms of its potential parts, namely, the subject term and the predicate term.
Given the non-arising of these five other pramanas, there is the pramana known as abhava, which cognizes the abhava, non-being, of the object that the other pramanas have not ascertained.
It is important to note that just as one can cognize a perceptual object by himself alone, so too for getting inferential cognition there is no need of other person.
Hence through this likeness the intellect cognizes only the sensible, whether under a universal or a particular aspect.
Of course, there's other ways to cognize as well, genuine nonmechanical knowledge of ourselves and our environments.
any marked pleasure in the comprehensibility of nature and in the unity of its divisions into genera and species, by which all empirical concepts are possible, through which we cognize it according to its particular laws.
Howe Awards cognize those individuals who contribute their talents to Camping Magazine.
Human beings cannot, however, cognize this hidden ground of the world: it remains cut off from us due to the inherent limitations of language, which concretize and separate (and therefore falsify) the flux of life (41ff.