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The most striking impression one gets from all the chatter about Tehran is the boundless ignorance of too many of the would-be cognoscenti unspooling ready-made theories about the direct results that Tahrir (Liberation) Square will bring about in Tehran.
Who knew the huda were such art cognoscenti? The ever-present shop scene already involves virtually every Dogtown/Z type you can name, including particular Laker associates.
IT'S been key to The Bluetones' enduring success that their punchy pop appeals to both the NME cognoscenti and the Smash Hits creche - and the fifth album continues in the same vein.
While minimalism is often dismissed as an acquired taste of the architectural cognoscenti, the appointment of David Chipperfield and the broad public support for this spare and uncompromisingly modern building suggest otherwise and confound the notion of a conservative American Midwest.
What has struck me is the power of publicity, to encourage so many millions to read a book which the cognoscenti in the literary field do not think all that much of.
Visindar is sure to be the name on the lips of racing's cognoscenti this week as Epsom stage the two-day Vodafone Derby meeting.
According to the strength and fitness cognoscenti, the lower part of the body, particularly the legs, is the most overlooked and under-developed aspect in training.
OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, 1990: A mundane meeting of coffee cognoscenti dissolves into a spectacular clash of personalities.
The jumping cognoscenti will hardly have time to draw breath before the next round of action though, with Leopardstown providing one of the jewels of Irish racing on Sunday.
Although it had been established for 12 years, and despite winning many great taste awards from the Fine Food Industry it had failed to match its product quality with appropriate packaging amongst crisp cognoscenti. Ziggurat's witty approach to the packaging, gave the product significant in store impact, which was particularly valuable, as the brand has not had any above the line marketing support.
& yet the cognoscenti came, some on their knees,
The Parisian cognoscenti are curious to catch a whiff of change, to spot an emerging young star, and to glimpse the process of training the famed French dancers.