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Table 19: Incidence of EPS Compared to Placebo in the Adjunctive Therapy Bipolar Depression Studies Adverse Event Term Placebo LATUDA 20 to (N=334) 120 mg/day (%) (N=360)(%) All EPS events 13 24 Ail EPS events, 9 14 excluding Akathisia/Restlessness Akathisia 5 11 Dystonia* 1 1 Parkinsonism** 8 13 Restlessness 1 4 Note: Figures rounded to the nearest integer *Dystonia includes adverse event terms: dystonia, oculogyric crisis, oromandibular dystonia, tongue spasm, torticollis, and trismus **Parkinsonism includes adverse event terms: bradykinesia, cogwheel rigidity, drooling, extrapyramidal disorder, glabellar reflex abnormal, hypokinesia, muscle rigidity, parkinsonism, psychomotor retardation, and tremor
The cogwheel that might take you up dizzying heights to the mountain, might give you a feeling of mild thrill but never is there an element of fear, the funicular that I took to the Gilmer Lake, might have looked like a scary rollercoaster but was really a mild joyride where your heart never missed a beat, the trek that we were warned was 'considerably tough' was pleasant and ironically, it was the simple sounding barefoot blueberry picking trail that left the sole of your feet aching.
However, cogwheel rigidity remained minimally improved and respiration was irregular.
Low-freguency/high-amplitude Tremors are tremors and rapid, rhythmic high-frequency/low-amplitude oscillation tremors Cogwheel movements movements with a segmented quality.
In this context, the frontal harmonic transmission (FHT) (Kaposta, 19848) constitutes an innovative solution that eliminates the two major disadvantages mentioned above, while significantly diminishing the axial gauge as well, given that the flexible cogwheel is shaped as a circular plate with frontal teeth.
The 28-ton HM 25/130 will produce acetal double cogwheel in a four-cavity mold and 8-sec cycle.
He was put to operating a machine, normally a task for someone twice his age, but after half an hour his right arm became entangled ill a cogwheel and was mangled from below the shoulder.
Patients with PD have other associated symptoms and signs, such as cogwheel rigidity, a masked face, and trouble rising from a chair.
In this example, bearings are released by a feed cogwheel and slide down an inclined track.
On admission, he was febrile, had altered mental status, osciliopsia, and cogwheel rigidity.
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