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If you intend to cohabit long-term, think about pension provision.
As the crossing parameters are asymmetrical between sexes and as the parameters above the diagonal differ from those under the diagonal (see above), gender-specific chances to marry or cohabit up the educational hierarchy are presented separately.
18) See The National Marriage Project, The State of Our Unions 2001 (Rutgers: State University of New Jersey, 2001) for the variety of reasons that people cohabit.
That picture has become very complicated: couples cohabit before or instead of marrying and they have children in circumstances ranging from marriage to casual sexual partnerships.
There are self-assessment tools for guiding the couple's decision to marry or cohabit, reviews of the options for structuring a couple's finances, and thorough discussions of the thorny issues: securing joint health coverage, ensuring a voice in one another's health-care decisions, establishing legal authority over one another's children, deciding when or whether to adopt, and arranging for the orderly transfer of assets from one unmarried partner to another at death.
However, over 100 respondents, who did not cohabit between interviews but were excluded from the cross-section analysis because of incomplete cohabitation histories, are included in the panel data set because their activities prior to the first survey will difference out from the analysis.
These latter, on the whole, argue a close convergence of national family-formation trends inasmuch as the rise of women's education has brought about women's consequent greater inclination to work gainfully rather than exclusively within the family at childbearing and -rearing, and offer predictions about the propensity of women (of different educational levels, and hence potential earnings), over their life-courses, to cohabit, marry, and give birth.
Tradition elaborated on the sensual image of the houri and defined some of her functions; on entering paradise, for example, the believer is presented with a large number of houri, with each of whom he may cohabit once for each day he has fasted in Ramadan and once for each good work he has performed.
China's largely rubber stamp parliament on Sunday passed the country's first law against domestic violence, which covers unmarried people who cohabit but does not protect gay couples, a senior lawmaker said.
The 2011 census highlighted a big increase in the number of people who choose to cohabit rather than enter into marriage or a civil partnership.
Mothers may have lower expectations for men who cohabit with them.