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We saw the fusion of two things that have to cohabitate.
Seeing that the laws in Saudi were so strict, he had no choice but to marry her if they wanted to cohabitate.
Unemployment is a major challenge, and some young girls cohabitate with male pensioners, living off their little N$ 450 pension money.
Catholic couples do cohabitate prior to marrying, and when they come for marriage preparation, the pastor can and should lead them to grasp the church's teaching in its fullness.
Marcelino de Jesus Martinez, 36 from the Mexican state of Oaxaca, was booked in Monterey County Jail, Greenfield, and faces felony charges of receiving money for causing a person to cohabitate.
I now only receive half of his pension and if I marry again or cohabitate the pension stops immediately.
A Shih tzus are easy-going dogs who tend to cohabitate well with cats, so I would just ensure you have feline-only areas of your house set aside so that your moggy can meet the new arrival on his terms.
It is admittedly true that many young couples these days cohabitate outside the boundaries of marriages, and that many others who do get married later get divorced.
Trivia and misinformation cohabitate with serious and accurate data--and no one can figure out what is true, false, or simply fabricated, or what to concentrate on or think about.
The couple is featured in a new series on HGTV titled "Living with Ed," which documents the conflicts that can arise when two people who don't necessarily see eye to eye on environmental issues cohabitate.
Many couples cohabitate to some degree before the wedding, but there's something about that marriage commitment that is an eye- opener when the pair starts thinking about their residence.
He pined for the days when abortion was illegal, gay people were considered mentally ill and couples did not cohabitate.