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THE Conservative Party risks getting its policy on cohabiting couples badly wrong, judging by the proposals on family law announced this week by former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith.
Using data from the Fragile Families and Child Well-being Study, the present study examines levels of father involvement with children between married and cohabiting couples post-separation.
If they had won, UK inheritance tax law would have had to change, to place cohabiting couples on an equal footing with married couples and civil partnerships in being exempt from inheritance tax.
Given demographic trends and the growing policy interest in single women, it is important to understand the sexual behavior of single adult American women, including how it compares with that of married and cohabiting women.
A Government-funded awareness campaign in 2004 has clearly failed to get the message across to the region's couples that living together does not provide cohabiting couples with financial rights if their relationship ends, even if they have lived together for many years and have had children together.
Quite clearly, children born into first marriages, rather than to cohabiting parents, enjoy much higher chances of growing up in two-parent families.
Therefore we have to "get tough" on people who are cohabiting.
The number of cohabiting couples in Australia doubled in the decade between the early 1980s and 1990s (ABS 1994).
Popenoe called cohabitation a "stealth trend," noting that 30 years ago nobody was cohabiting "except people maybe in a trailer park.
Art and film cohabiting at last, but in an inharmonious and impossible space.
Disagreeable though it is, disagreement is a fact of life if you're married or cohabiting.
For an unmarried cohabiting couple, if the state of residence recognizes common law marriages (currently, 13 do so), the couple is considered married for federal tax purposes.