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analyzing effect of marital intentions among cohabitors on division of
Members of same-sex (SS) couples are shown to exhibit sexual behavior that is systematically different from never-married individuals, different-sex (DS) cohabitors, and married couples.
Cohabitors who transitioned to marriage and visiting/nonromantic fathers who transitioned to marriage experienced a significantly greater growth in father involvement over time than married fathers, with time effects of .
830) N treated 192 192 192 N controls 766 766 766 Matched treated NA NA 100 Control group: cohabitors at age 3 Estimate 2.
As this theory assumes that homogamy is generally the preferred status in current societies, less strict selection among cohabitors should lead to lower educational homogamy in cohabitation than in marriage.
Church documents continue to lump all cohabitors together, focus narrowly on the sexual dimension of relationships, and ignore the variety and complexity of the intentions, situations, and meanings couples give to cohabitation and its morality.
It is as if the tumbleweed picked up bits of its human cohabitors as it bounced along.
As Carmichael and Mason (1999) found in their analysis of 1991 Census data, by middle age the divorced rather than the never-marrieds make up the majority of cohabitors.
A shift in power from the cohabitors to the married is recommended by most observers, and it can only be achieved by demanding change in laws at both the state and federal levels.
Cohabitors are likely to acknowledge arguing over "my money" vs.
In counting the replies, we found 75 respondents -- both cohabitors and live-alones -- saying they wanted their microwave ovens.
race and the transition to marriage among cohabitors, Demography, 1995, 32(4):509-520.