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Host preference and seasonal variation of tick (Amblyomma cohaerens Donitz, 1909) on naturally infested cattle in jimma zone, southwestern Ethiopia.
16) Sixteenth-century Flemish writer Justus Lipsius, for example, drew on the model of ancient Phrygian tapestry weavers to describe his writing method in the preface to his Politicorum sive Civilis doctrinae libri sex (1589): "Ad summam, ut Phrygiones e varii coloris filo unum aliquod aulaeum formant: sic nos e mille aliquot particulis uniforme hoc et cohaerens corpus (11)" ("In short, just as the Phrygians make one single tapestry out of a variety of colored threads, so I make this uniform and coherent work out of a myriad of parts.
Cohaerens ergo videtur haec postrema affirmatio viri actoris cum aliis suis dictis.
antarcticus rare, Protoderma cohaerens rare, Raphidonema brevirostre rare, Raphidonema nivale rare.
cohaerens 4 1 2 3 Bohlin A448 Pediastrum simplex (Meyen) 4 1 3 2 Lemmermann var.
Seasonal dynamics of ticks (Amblyomma cohaerens and Boophilus decoloratus) and development of a management plan for tick and tick born diseases control on cattle in Jimma zone, Southwestern Ethiopia [tesis doctoral].
La palabra tiene su origen del latin cohaerens y significa logico-coherente, armonico, formando un todo armonico.