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Steve Francesco, Chairman, CEO and President of Cohere added, "Having Cohere as their dedicated managed services provider will offer Cowen Prime clients a tremendous value and peace of mind.
This makes its COHERE solution competitive with current PEEK device offerings and more cost effective than titanium-coated fusion devices.
I was writing in segments and not coherently, the same thing that Ralph Ellison was doing, and I worked hard to see if I could get things to cohere and integrate, and I think I did pretty well there.
Stasiuk's terse soundings resonate hauntingly among these nearly destitute, desperately unhappy, joyfully exuberant ne'er-do-wells, whose cries of heartache and drunken cheer echo back and forth as the tales cohere into a novel, their forms of hunger felt as akin to one's own, like their thwarted ambitions, prostrate beneath ineluctable destiny.
This book is a truly unusual combination of clarity, concision, erudition, and passion--four qualities that only rarely cohere.
They evoke movement -- of figures gliding across ice, of shadows, of clouds -- but also seem to cohere into monumental, spray-can graffiti.
The latter dimension relates to whether the Iraqi state adopts and upholds values and policies which cohere with international order and stability.
Let's note at the outset that however we choose to cohere to some people and partition ourselves from others, attitudinally and physically, we may be doing violence to the ultimate Unity of Life pointed to by most of the world's religions.
Those of this type cohere around a central core of ineradicable Catholic doctrine and distinctive Catholic devotion.
The molecules in liquids cohere to each other, just not as strongly as they do in solids.
If we don't cohere, we die; it's as simple as that.
This book, however, would have benefited from editing to make the subject matter cohere in a logical manner.