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Cohere announced their rebranding with the launch of the companys new website (www.
Founded in 2009, Cohere Technologies is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.
Where conventional approaches coat the fusion device, this surface treatment is grown directly from the bulk PEEK material that comprises Vertera Spine s COHERE system.
The editors have selected essays that range from late antiquity to the early modern period in an attempt to "draw the historical and cultural contours of the medieval world in a way that would cohere historically and culturally, but at the same time would allow for examination of those threads of continuity and difference weaving their way through this period" (5).
In religions outside the monotheist traditions, the very dependency of the gods or the ancestors on human offerings and human remembrance emphasizes the frailty of the bonds that make the world cohere.
To cohere, the United States must "identify and build a common culture that overrides all of our particularities.
Desrosiers's Les Seins de Pierre ("Breast of Stone", or "Peter's Breast"), was an even more problematical segment from a longer work: ostensibly a gay man's search for family, it did not cohere.
Yet some of the descriptions that Jordan and Turner give of what restorationists are actually up to in the overall economy of nature do not cohere well with the community-participation model.
needed God, a cobbled ladder in order to cohere, let alone to prosper.
Thus, we should cohere with our learned idioms such as languages, manners, and everyday skills.