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The important and fascinating problem (along with the attendant problem of why it should be a problem at all) of the coherence of the Quran has been circulating through the general field of Islamic studies for a long time.
Section III describes about results and analysis obtained from coherence analysis.
We are looking for more integrity, unity and coherence in the Islamic world to counter common threats we face today, namely, the Zionist aggressions, terrorism and extremism,' he said.
This policy initiated the famous three Cs - coherence, cooperation and coordination for interaction between the member states and the developing countries and among the member states.
In turn, data storage and processing platforms such as Hadoop and Oracle Coherence are gaining acceptance among many organizations.
With regard to an operational definition of coherence, we ascribe to Skinner's (1945) approach to operationalism, which suggests the term coherence should be investigated by identifying and analyzing the conditions under which the scientific community uses the term.
Different strengths of coupling were obtained by forcing the time series of the second source to have a certain level of coherence with the first source time series.
Much research has concentrated on reducing the coherence of a learned dictionaries.
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Market is segmented based on the technology, device types and region.
1997; Gemsbacher & Givon, 1995; Garnham & Oakhill, 1992 cited in Spooren & Sanders 2008: 2004) and the term coherence mainly refers to this structure.
In this study we evaluated patients with clinical diagnosis of central serous chorioretinopathy using optical coherence tomography and tried to describe characteristic features observed during this study.