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2) The mutual coherence of the dictionary is reduced by alternately restricting the tightness and coherence, which gives a significantly higher incoherence than those reports in [21, 22].
Section 2 gives the definitions of mutual coherence and ETFs, after which our proposed algorithms are presented in Section 3.
The mutual coherence of a dictionary is defined as the maximum inner product between atoms [23]:
The magnitude square coherence is a function of frequency with values between 0 and 1 that indicates how well two input signal or series correspond at each frequency f and is defined by the equation
We used the procedure mscohere of MATLAB[R] for complex signals that estimates the magnitude squared coherence function using Welch's averaged periodogram method (Kay, 1988) for 3 day smooth samples of celestial pole offsets.
The coherence calculated for the series of integrated CPO obtained with different initial values was very stable for annual frequency and fluctuating for the FCN frequency.
We live in the coherences of life processes, and living systems in general appear to us as spontaneously living in the coherences of life processes.
So, in general terms, all the situations, elements, processes, or relations that we distinguish in our living as languaging beings, and that we use in the description of what we distinguish, or in explaining what we may wish to explain, arise as distinctions or as abstractions of distinctions that we make of the operational coherences of our living as human beings in the course of observing and explaining our living as observers.
Mirroring relationships preserve textual, especially narrative integrity, while arbitrary application of codes destroys narrative coherence.
She makes the important and accurate point that for Origen, while narrative text and spiritual meaning should cohere, that coherence was dictated first of all by the logical or other coherence of the spiritual meanings, and only secondarily by textual coherence.
13] Artificial coherences that belong either to symbolization or to representation can equally be components of the transnatural field of art.
7] Meaning and coherence are two sides of the same phenomenon: if we look at a thing epistemologically it is a meaning, or something which has a meaning; while if we speak of it ontologically, it is a coherence, a comprehensive entity or a subsidiary component of it.