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Table 4 shows that the number of ideas retained, the extension of the information retained, the density and the coherency do not differ significantly in relation to the way that the information is transmitted.
Table 5 presents the results of the comparison of the Retained Ideas, Retained Extension, Density and Coherency of Information variables, in relation to the athletes' characteristics.
In the present study, the average values of coherency were 68.
This region will have zero strength as long as the fraction solid there is below the dendrite coherency point.
Our ability to scale to 128 nxCPUs with full cache and memory coherency to deliver 160Gbps throughput and over 240Mpps of application performance is unprecedented in the industry, and enables a new class of equipment for our customers," said Behrooz Abdi, executive vice president and general manager at NetLogic Microsystems.
0, and NetLogic Microsystems' high-bandwidth Inter-chip Coherency Interface (ICI) that provides seamless chip-to-chip cache and memory coherency with full software transparency.
Features like cache mirroring and cache coherency have been available in RAID controllers for mainframes and high-end Unix systems for some time; however, a new generation of RAID controllers that include these features and priced for NT servers is beginning to hit the market.