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Section 4 defines the cohesion and coupling metrics at the system level.
8] or by Hitz and Montazeri in [6] measure the class cohesion and coupling.
Cohesions is the culmination of two and a half years of theoretical and practical pioneering work in the developing field of business transaction management.
Cohesions is the first product to make application coordination and process synchronization a reality in today's heterogeneous enterprise.
Starting in September 2000, closed-loop integration with Cadence Allegro(R) will be shipped as a standard feature with the Cohesion Board Designer and Cohesion System Designer base products, which are priced respectively at $3000 and $5000 for a node-locked license.
Cohesion System Designer is available on Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms, priced at $5000 for a node-locked license.
Cohesion Systems was founded with the vision to provide the best of class, front-end software tools for schematic driven design environments, with a cohesive approach that binds together front-end design, simulation and back-end layout tools.