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RADIOSS currently provides two material models for a cohesive volume element [4]:
According to the company, the new NATRELLE INSPIRA Cohesive line of breast implants is the newest entry into the category of breast implants commonly referred to as "gummy" implants, designed for women who are interested in increased breast fullness.
That is, among women with a less secure attachment style, those who perceived their relationship as more cohesive were more satisfied than were women who perceived their relationship as incohesive.
2009, 2010) have suggested that the formation of cohesive soil horizons (at depths of ~0.
There were predictions about the presence of cohesive forces in small asteroids, but there has not been any definitive evidence witnessed before.
Cohesion refers to the explicit cohesive devices within a text whereas coherence relates to the background knowledge and context of a text.
The cohesive mixture maintains velocity through the transfer chute, thereby avoiding buildup, plugging or spillage.
The standard venturi supplied with the Aero is suitable for a very wide range of samples, dispersing even moderately cohesive materials while maintaining the integrity of fragile particles.
There are three modes of failure for loss of adhesion: adhesive, cohesive, and substrate.
On March 28, the United States "Departments of Agriculture and the Interior, in partnership with state, tribal and local stakeholders including NLC, released two documents to address wildland fire management efforts--A National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy and The Federal Land Assistance, Management and Enhancement Act of 2009 Report to Congress.
Based on LSA's (Latent Semantic Analysis) measuring textual coherence and Halliday and Hasan's cohesive concepts and their categorization of cohesive devices, this paper analyzes coherent relatedness and cohesive devices of 100 Chinese students' English writings.
The Illusion Factory, a provider of online games, apps, widgets, banners and rich media, said today a company that it has created, NxtGenTV, has released a cohesive system of online tools to facilitate an interactive communication platform.