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In the other experimental conditions, the second sentence was replaced with a description of the type and cohesiveness of the individuals who accompany Brother Hsiu.
A Task Cohesiveness Index was constructed by summing ATGT and GIT scores.
H3b (group x individual-level interaction hypothesis): The positive impact of individual-level trust on organizational commitment is increased (decreased) among groups with high (low) work group cohesiveness.
Formation of discussion groups to foster improved social skills and conflict resolution (to raise cohesiveness.
The cohesiveness of the curriculum, the quality of the curriculum, and the breadth of the curriculum gives [sic] teachers (including experienced teachers) a set of guidelines, activities, and assessments upon which they can rely," the report said.
The authors of this article, which examines adventure-based counseling in a school environment, believe that the usefulness of experiencing personal growth and cohesiveness extends to the classroom setting.
Cohesiveness and the Management of the Knowledge Revolution
Heat and Control Inc of 21121 Cabot Boulevard, Hayward, CA 94545, USA, fax:+1 510 259 0600 have developed the new Prelude Masa handling system to increase masa cohesiveness to enable the sheeter to produce very thin tortilla chips and tortillas.
While intimacy offers heightened team spirit, group cohesiveness and unity, it also increases individual vulnerability.
These exercises help groups develop interactive skills, encourage less verbal individuals to contribute to group interactions, and facilitate group cohesiveness.
According to Berg, "Naylor, in her use of Whitman, underscores the cohesiveness of American literature as a whole, constructing a bridge between the literature of African-Americans and the canon.