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Identification and demarcation of the barracks planimetry from Cohors I Miliaria occurred during the archaeological research, in the campaigns of 1990-1992.
hanc si parentum cohors illa regalis aspiceret, tamquam in speculum purissimum sua praeconia mox videret.
This unit of the Praetorian Guard was named the cohors togata to reflect their unique status as soldiers in the guise of citizens.
uk Return of Quinta, March 25, 10am-5pm: As the museum reopens for the 2016 season, visitors are being invited along to meet members of Cohors Quinta Gallorum, the auxiliary unit that garrisoned to the Fort in the 3rd Century.
1975) ("The word curtilage is derived from the Latin cohors (a place enclosed around a yard) and the old French cortilliage or courtillage which today has been corrupted into courtyard.
To get a sense of how many erosive joints are needed to produce a reliable identification of RA, the task force studied data collected from two early-arthritis groups, the Early Arthritis Cohort assembled in Leiden with 902 patients, and the Etude et Suivi des Polyarthrites Indifferenciees Recentes (ESPOIR) cohors assembled in Montpellier, France with 811 patients.
2006: 313-314) hemos planteado la dificultad que implicaria que hubiera sobrevivido esta denominacion cuando en el solar de Herrera se habian asentado nuevas unidades militares como el ala Parthorum y la cohors I Gallica.
lo spiega efficacemente ricordando che il senso primario di cohors e quello di 'spazio destinato al pollame' (cfr.
In 1506, Julius II hired several hundred of them to form a personal "bodyguard, the Swiss Guard (in German, Schweizergarde, in Latin the Pontificia Cohors Helvetica).
II-IIiiiir): "Illinc sacra cohors chori perennis / Ad lyram numeros canit suaves, / Quos nec fulmina nec dies futuri / Absument carie vetustiore.
Quid istum commemorem diem (sol ipse lumen pallidus abdidit), Oppressa non devicta vitas Nostra cohors dedit in tumulta.