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To get a sense of how many erosive joints are needed to produce a reliable identification of RA, the task force studied data collected from two early-arthritis groups, the Early Arthritis Cohort assembled in Leiden with 902 patients, and the Etude et Suivi des Polyarthrites Indifferenciees Recentes (ESPOIR) cohors assembled in Montpellier, France with 811 patients.
lo spiega efficacemente ricordando che il senso primario di cohors e quello di 'spazio destinato al pollame' (cfr.
In 1506, Julius II hired several hundred of them to form a personal "bodyguard, the Swiss Guard (in German, Schweizergarde, in Latin the Pontificia Cohors Helvetica).
II-IIiiiir): "Illinc sacra cohors chori perennis / Ad lyram numeros canit suaves, / Quos nec fulmina nec dies futuri / Absument carie vetustiore.
Quid istum commemorem diem (sol ipse lumen pallidus abdidit), Oppressa non devicta vitas Nostra cohors dedit in tumulta.
Saturday, August 2 and Sunday, August 3, 11am-4pm Cohors Quinta Gallorum Third Century Roman re-enactment group Sunday, August 17, 11am-4pm Roman cavalry Re-enactment group Comitatus display Roman infantry and cavalry weapons and equipment including horses.
It's important to get our people in stores to understand what really makes a wine unique and so we teach the uniqueness of place--why malbec has taken hold and makes such a great wine in Cohors and Argentina, why the syrahs that come from the northern Rhone are so unique and different from the shiraz from Australia.
Thebaea etiam cohors, sic exterius utebatur militiae cingulo, quod interius devote militabat Deo.
It was built to house a Cohors Quingenaria Equitata,a mixed unit of cavalry and infantry 500- strong.
Invidiosa cohors regem tibi vertit in iram, Desereret thalamum sponsus ut ipse suum.
And Sunday August 10), Cohors Quinta Gallorum at Segedunum Roman Fort and Museum.
Herzig and Andreas Schmidt-Colinet (DaM 5: 65-69) publish two damaged Latin inscriptions which had been set up by the Cohors I Flavia Chalcidenorum equitata sagitariorum at Palmyra to the Severan family (no.