coin of the realm

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The Israelis fought very hard to make their currency the only coin of the realm circulating in the West Bank and Jerusalem.
It is a source of consternation that I am able to state without equivocation that the overly directive, mind-numbing, mundane, useless, anti-intellectual acts that constitute teaching not only remain the coin of the realm but have become the gold standard.
Thus they will justify the presentation of Certificates of Merit to hearty applause by all who have benefited by the transmutation of murky water to coin of the realm.
Hyperbole, as we know all too well, is the coin of the realm for politicians.
Coin Of The Realm really slaughterd several of today's opponents in the City And Suburban Handicap at the Spring Meeting.
LAWRENCE Osueke's Uncle Manny was captain of a Great Britain amateur squad in New York who, later in his career, having taken the coin of the realm, was named as the best British heavyweight prospect of 1989 by the Boxing News.
Gary Moore sent out Coin Of The Realm to waltz home in a handicap at Epsom recently, and the five-year-old will look nicely treated when he reverts to hurdling this week.
The "network" is the coin of the realm in today's weapons, and the military is hugely dependent on integrators to connect disparate systems and to enable the information-centric approach to warfare.
Enter the next speaker, lighting designer Avraham Mor, who described his world--a land of sockets, junction boxes, lamp companies and luminaire manufacturers where the coin of the realm is ease of maintenance/replacement and code compliance.
Rigorous research remains the coin of the realm to incentivize the successful transformation of healthcare processes and politics.
Profiles and behavioral data are about to become the coin of the realm for digital advertising.