coin of the realm

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Coin Of The Realm flopped when last seen out over timber, but that was on soft ground.
In today's world, where knowledge has become the coin of the realm, Airmen must arm themselves with cutting-edge ideas about how best to apply air, space, and cyber power in defense of national interests.
Expediency is coin of the realm in New York real estate, and the 3M VHB double-sided silicon adhesive tape for structural glazing is tailor made to get jobs done faster and cheaper.
But in time, quality became manufacturing's coin of the realm.
5) The use of the word in labor history is not new: in the United States, 'working-class culture' was the proverbial coin of the realm in the 1970s when Herbert G.
Truth be told, warring scriptural citations are not the coin of the realm for congressional debate--yet.
In addition to coin of the realm, Brad scores four tickets per game and he's got access to the super-elite Chavez Ravine bowl, which is securely adjacent to the LAPD training facility.
Information has become the coin of the realm, and the mere possession of information will likely become a measure of status and the object of a ravenous quest that will engage the most creative imaginations in finding new ways to gather and use it.
Courses include: Power Tools for Outstanding Camp Leadership with Michael Brandwein; Raccoon Circle Activities based on the new book by Jim Cain and Tom Smith; Camp Jam Plus Jamschool, Staff Training Event Extraordinaire with Faith Evans; Connection Is the Coin of the Realm with Chris Thurber; Preparing for and Responding to the Death of a Camper or Staff Member; Professional Aquatics Safety Seminar; and Project Wild and Learning Tree Training.
From a PR standpoint, these agreements make Bulldog Reporter's Pitching Tips the recognized coin of the realm in the PR industry when it comes to pitching intelligence," Sinkinson said.
No one has concrete answers, but one thing is sure: accountability is now the coin of the realm.
As he writes in the final chapter on the future of human rights: "The United States has the moral and political clout to transform the nations of the earth into a world where international human rights is the coin of the realm and the centerpiece of all discussions about the future of international peace.