coin of the realm

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The Israelis fought very hard to make their currency the only coin of the realm circulating in the West Bank and Jerusalem.
And yet he got the parties together by developing trust, which is the coin of the realm for an effective diplomat.
There were offers to give up seats, share food and even share electrical plugs (which as all travelers know is coin of the realm for those with electronics in airports).
Jim Holt has written an openhearted "detective story" couched in philosophy and science, the coin of the realm in our deep understanding of the world around us.
He hates what the Zone does to people, the betrayals that have become coin of the realm around it, and "the foul scum that had grown on the Zone, gotten rich by the Zone, fed, drank, and fattened from the Zone, and didn't give a damn." Red's adventures and development over the eight-year span of the novel culminate in its tragic and sublimely ambiguous ending.
Devotion to "completion agenda," the coin of the realm when discussing community colleges these days, has yielded to a larger, uncomfortable truth: Unless colleges change course, they are in danger of becoming another once-useful relic of the 1960s and 1970s, like electric typewriters or disco.
"We need more of a citizen's government now, with politicians, the coin of the realm is ideas and words," she added.
5.00 Ascot Sporting (50:30:20:10) 14-17 Modun, 10-13 Taqleed, 8-11 Rock A Doodle Doo, Sharaayeen, Blissful Moment, 6-8 Life And Soul, 5-7 Fox Hunt, Heddwyn, Coin Of The Realm, 4-6 Jutland, Averroes, Ile De Re, 3-5 Prompter, Chock A Block, Halicarnassus, Awsaal, 2-4 Very Good Day, 1-3 Nice Style, 0.1-1 Albaqaa.
It is a source of consternation that I am able to state without equivocation that the overly directive, mind-numbing, mundane, useless, anti-intellectual acts that constitute teaching not only remain the coin of the realm but have become the gold standard.
Thus they will justify the presentation of Certificates of Merit to hearty applause by all who have benefited by the transmutation of murky water to coin of the realm.
Hyperbole, as we know all too well, is the coin of the realm for politicians.