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His work opened the biennial's framework to otherwise missed utopian moments by referencing a time in Cuban history when revolutionary optimism coincided with a highly developed culture that was both distinctly local in its vernacular and thoroughly international in its scope and ambition.
If an abrupt flowering of new cultural practices in Europe clearly coincided with the first appearance of modern humans, it would suggest that the newcomers represented a species that was different from Neandertals and had distinct behavioral capacities.
Higher humidity and temperature each coincided with higher particulate concentrations throughout the neighborhood, and higher humidity coincided with higher PAH concentrations.
Soane's long career coincided with the Industrial Revolution, the long wars against the French and, above all, the Romantic movement.
This year's [shutdown] is no exception, but we needed the news of the shutdowns public because it coincided with our announcement stating that retail business was somewhat weak.
If we hadn't had the 125 event we wouldn't have moved it but it has coincided.
On March 1, astronomers using two telescopes in the Canary Islands, Spain, discovered a visible-light object that coincided with the fading X-ray source.