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Though, as a matter of fact, coincidences are much rarer than we suppose.
In the absence of any definite clue, coincidences such as this are always interesting.
All I was going to say was, that I hold myself under an obligation to the coincidence, that's all.
I shall remember this all my life," Lord Saxthorpe declared solemnly, "as one of the most singular coincidences which has ever come within my personal knowledge.
The tragic wonder will thee be greater than if they happened of themselves or by accident; for even coincidences are most striking when they have an air of design.
We do not know the inexorable law underlying coincidences.
In the light of Claire's insinuations what had seemed coincidences took on a more sinister character.
Those slight indirect suggestions which are dependent on apparently trivial coincidences and incalculable states of mind, are the favorite machinery of Fact, but are not the stuff in which Imagination is apt to work.
He left home the next morning in that watchful state of mind which turns the most ordinary course of things into pregnant coincidences.
Contract award: characterisation of radioactive waste using gamma spectroscopy and neutron coincidence counting at the itu.
His talk, entitled What are the Chances: The value of Coincidence, will explore the substance of chance, coincidence and determinable patterns in the world at large, looking at how randomness comes into our lives and how we can better understand it.