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The indexes are calculated monthly and are usually released a week after the release of the coincident indexes.
In an attractive smile dental midlines must be coincident with each other as well as with facial midline.
The cyclical indicator of the coincident composite index fell 0.
The company said the Conference Board Coincident Economic Index (CEI) for France increased 0.
When discussing the economic conditions of this area, one particularly useful tool is the Northwest Indiana Coincident Index which is published monthly by the School of Business and Economics at Indiana University Northwest.
Summary: Figures released by the Central Bank of Lebanon show that the coincident indicator -- a composite monitor of economic activity developed.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-November 10, 2011-Coincident introduces Coincident Studio division(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Japan's composite index of coincident economic indicators fell 0.
Coincident indicators including industrial production, along with gross domestic product, have expanded since mid-summer.
This agreement significantly expands Meteoric's interests in the unexplored and highly prospective West Arunta region where targets now include a major 80sq km gold anomaly and at least six coincident magnetic-gravity IOCG-type anomalies.
The graph above, which plots Lebanon's Coincident Indicator of economic activity, shows the economic impact of the Hezbollah war with Israel just a year ago during July 2006 and August 2006.
On May 22, 2007, the New York based research firm The Conference Board published leading and coincident indicators for Spain.