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Randolph Hite, director for IT architecture and systems issues at the GAO, says that use of secondary data, up to and including biometrics, could solve the problem of coincidental name matches on watch lists.
Deaths occurred in Pittsburgh that were coincidental with but unrelated to the vaccines (8).
The fact the driver was doing 60 miles an hour would be coincidental.
The severance payments were merely coincidental with the acquisition of T.
There were many politicians in the crowd, including Senator Serphin Maltese of Queens, and Senator John Markey of Staten Island, who Bruno praised for their support of his issues, quipping that it was merely coincidental they were not sitting next to him at the table.
The echo of the Sheldonian is surely not coincidental, given the proximity of the Wren Chapel, the Baroque, porticoed facade of which forms the centrepiece of the college's main quadrangle called Front Court.
Coincidental with the consummation of this transaction, Alvin K.
It's coincidental that $87,000 is the same as having $1 million in the bank ($87,000 interest per year).
Only one patient tested positive, and an analysis of the medical records of that patient suggested the Lyme infection was coincidental.
Rather the timing of the upgrade of the senior notes is coincidental to the announcement of the repurchase and reflects only the periodic review Fitch conducts on all the credits followed by Fitch.
Rods da fortuna (Wheel of Fortune), a decorated bicycle wheel mounted atop a wooden base, looks strikingly like a tropical version of Duchamp's; the showcase 8034 butoes para palito sobretudo capa pereline (8,034 Buttons for Cardigan Overcoat Cape Cloak) like a poor man's Arman; and Carpetes, a rack with colorful hanging carpets, like a takeoff on Morris's felt cuts--even though we know these relationships are strictly coincidental.
While we're sure the Porsche-like moniker is coincidental, the boys from Stuttgart would be proud of its sleek lines and GPRS speed - at 85Kbps it's almost twice as fast at sending email and net data as your PC.