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Randolph Hite, director for IT architecture and systems issues at the GAO, says that use of secondary data, up to and including biometrics, could solve the problem of coincidental name matches on watch lists.
Deaths occurred in Pittsburgh that were coincidental with but unrelated to the vaccines (8).
The fact the driver was doing 60 miles an hour would be coincidental.
Together and separately they've worked on a number of important projects by gay filmmakers and on gay-related subjects, but the fact that they're lesbians was a nonissue in South Africa--although they were effectively "outed" there by a coincidental showing of Hoffmann's Oscar-nominated film about her mother's Alzheimer's disease, Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter.
She convincingly addresses the paradox of the coincidental emergence of systematic political antislavery and racism in the western world.
The severance payments were merely coincidental with the acquisition of T.
It would not appear that the timing was coincidental.
It's coincidental that $87,000 is the same as having $1 million in the bank ($87,000 interest per year).
Only one patient tested positive, and an analysis of the medical records of that patient suggested the Lyme infection was coincidental.
A spokeswoman for the NHS Trust said that although both women died from complications caused by a group A streptococcal infection, their death appears to be coincidental and unconnected to the hospital.
AN interview with Alan Stubbs caught my eye as the defender suggested that it was purely coincidental that Everton had kept two clean sheets with him back in the team.