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The timing of this tour coincidently corresponded with the sudden increase in the price of gold from its recent 20 year lows.
The January 4 trial date in Minneapolis is coincidently the same date Hayes began its trial in California two years ago.
The England centre missed only one game, coincidently at Huddersfield in March, after dislocating it the first time.
Yet the North entrance, which coincidently adjoins the chemotherapy building, is a haven for those who enjoy polluting the air - with no consideration to the cancer patients.
Away from your relationship sky, coincidently, is Venus.
Coincidently, Gardner was in Prandini's 100 heat at the Mt.
And that toleration is subject to attempts to engineer it by the merchants of spin - coincidently the profession of Mr Hann, although I think his recent comments sound more like humbug at the emerging popularity of the Greens.
Coincidently, the accident happened just a day after the official Middle East launch of Pagani Automobili at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi.
Not optionally but coincidently I found myself working differently.
Coincidently, the third child has the same birth date as Mason.
The directors, coincidently, decided to work with female protagonists, Guergues added.
Coincidently, the bypoll results of the nine Assembly seats and Vadodara Lok Sabha constituency will be declared on September 16, a day before the PM's birthday.