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The Embassy's celebration also coincides with the 42nd anniversary of Bahrain's accession to the United Nations as a full member, and the 14th anniversary of HM the Kings' Accession to the Throne.
28, the full moon will coincide with apogee, the moon's farthest approach, offering a especially small and dim full moon.
Saddled up: Marcus Wilkins started his preparations for the Cycle to Cannes - which coincides with MIPIM - at Christmas.
The event will also feature craft stalls and demonstrations and coincides with Longwood Sing on the afternoon of Sunday, September 14.
It also coincides with soccer's World Cup and the Queen's 80th birthday.
The demo coincides with a four-day visit by International Olympic Committee inspectors and the potential embarrassment has encouraged Hills to lengthen their quote on the French capital from 2-7 to 4-11.
Investors eyeing the impressive returns of REIT stocks may not also realize that a fifth consecutive year of strong performance coincides with data showing that real estate industry corporate governance is now second to none.
The rise of iSCSI and IP storage coincides with the declining popularity of parallel interfaces, with their inherent physical limitations, and the increasing popularity of Serial ATA (SATA) and other inexpensive serial interfaces (disk drive vendors, in fact, are now delivering enterprise-level devices with SATA interfaces that provide 10,000 RPM, 1.
The above NYT statistics demonstrate that the incidence of abuse coincides with other factors, of which the survey mentions only two.
On the other hand, it coincides with what is known in the personal property industry as the "Summer Surge.