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The ambush was carried out in Neid al-Barid area in Manbah district coinciding with many breaches of the ceasefire by the group, the source said.
To Ziska, the opportunity was obvious--a few major exhibits and a French play, each of which required months of wrangling with directors, art collectors, and international loan agents to stage, were coinciding, and during spring's tourist high-season to boot: This surely called for a French-themed fete.
Earlier studies have shown that flares occurring each 152 days might result from the coinciding of the sun's hotspots, or active zones, with each other.
This comes coinciding with the celebration organized by the GCC Secretariat to mark the 29th Anniversary of the establishment of GCC.
Lucknow, Mar 18(ANI): Cricket-themed-firecrackers are in huge demand in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, as the ongoing cricket World Cup is coinciding with the festival of colours, Holi.
In a related event coinciding with the workshops and discussed there, SEMATECH engineers took a significant step toward achieving zero-defect mask blanks by combining defect-smoothing and deposition processes in one step within a single tool.
According to an analysis of information collected using a combination of CipherTrust's TrustedSource(TM) reputation engine and Spam Profiler(TM) technology, spam volumes continue to increase, coinciding with the significant spike in the number of new zombies.
Coinciding with the School's 100th anniversary next Tuesday, The Juilliard School at Lincoln Center in New York City today announced that it is doubling the goal of its ongoing capital campaign to $300 million, to be achieved by 2009.
The inauguration is scheduled for the end of 2007 coinciding with celebrations of Rossignol's 100-year anniversary.
With the rate announcement and coinciding verbiage due at 2:15 p.