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The self-described "Galactic Poet" David Avidan, however, was hypnotized by the futureand in his work, he attempted to propel literary Hebrew forward, as he coined words, played with linguistic structures, and even conducted poetic dialogues with a computer.
Besides that, abundance of coined words has surfaced through online gaming and most of the words contribute to the culture and language of teenagers nowadays.
The last chapter looks at language in life--slogans, common usages, newly coined words, and so on.
He coined words that have entered the international football language, such as libero.
Never far from the headlines, it is unsurprising that a barrage of media has infiltrated the minds of the UK - to the point where coined words BGT, simples and fauxmance have been warranted inclusion within the Collins English Dictionary.
The pieces were peppered with personally coined words that came to be known as Winchellisms, many of which, such as "scram" and "uh-huh," found their way into the dictionary as common slang.
Lam Akol and he is the one who owns a group of coined words SPLM?
The aim of the contribution is to show to what extent the so called average speakers of a language can be perceived as active participants in the evaluation of the newly coined words, what their opinion about certain proposals is and can one expect that the reactions of the wider public will influence the use of new words.
He brought over philosophy and ideas from the Greeks, influencing our view of Greek culture more then any other person, and coined words and phrases in Latin that helped to establish Roman Culture, which in turn was exported throughout the Empire, filtering down to America's Founding Fathers, and infusing our modern culture today.
OED items are labeled *, Webster's Third are labeled +, Webster's Biographical are labeled #, Random House are labeled @, and coined words are labeled -.
The Prime Minister's Office has advised ministries and agencies against using newly coined words and expressions that are difficult to understand, officials said Friday.
Mondialisation and hominimetre are but two of the many rare or coined words used by Depestre in the furtherance of his message, others including homme banian, hominisation, hominite, humanitude, militances.