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COIN, commerce, contracts. A piece of gold, silver or other metal stamped by authority of the government, in order to determine its value, commonly called money. Co. Litt. 207; Rutherf. Inst. 123. For the different kinds of coins of the United States, see article Money. As to the value of foreign coins, see article Foreign Coins.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Whether they simply counterfeited the coins and banknotes, or reduced their value by clipping round the edge and selling the excess silver, the coiners were undermining the value and integrity of the British currency.
To address that, SDP aims to form three committees at each Coiner School: the School Planning and Management Team; the Student and Staff Support Team; and the Parent Team.
Governor Braxton Bragg Coiner plays a central role in this story, but Kelly implies that mine owners enjoyed his support automatically and unconditionally.
Weisburger and James Coiner is representative of the breadth of the essays.
If a word can be thought of, it can be thought of at different times by different people, and it's often the case that the thinker-upper with the best access to the media is anointed as the coiner even if your Great-Aunt Sadie said it every day of her life beginning in 1932.
The drawing for the 2002 American Pistolsmiths Guild pistol will be held July 31, 2002 in Coiner, Georgia.
In the opinion of one advocate of class studies, Constance Coiner, "Despite its place in the now familiar list--race, gender, class, ethnicity, and disability--class is often the least addressed of these issues" (as cited in Esposito, 1999).
The second new item is Rhona Post's Coach's Coiner, an interactive series aimed at helping managers become more effective.
She and I have published stories in an anthology of Texas women's fiction called Common Bonds, edited by Suzanne Coiner. So we have known each other over the years.
The company said it will reduce employment at its Phillipsburg, NJ, facility by 330 jobs, as well as close a Dayton, OH, pump operation, four service centers and IDP's Liberty Coiner, NJ, headquarters.
Impeachment didn't go their way, prompting the coiner of the phrase "Moral Majority," Paul Weyrich, to declare that there is no such thing.
Constance Coiner's recommendations in "Silent Parenting in the Academy" (or The Family Track in its entirety, with this chapter red-flagged) should be circulated to faculty, staff and chief executive officers of all colleges and universities.