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The first section, "Earth Elegy," images the range of species that share Earth with us and recommends that we see ourselves not as directors but as coinhabitants. The long middle section, "Their Eyes Were Opened," elaborates on the need to deepen the sense of ourselves as human animals, this through a sequence of thirty-six sonnets composed of four parts, each containing nine poems.
It is the most comprehensive text ever written about these coinhabitants of our houses.
Coinhabitants (and nearby neighbors, when multiunit housing is treated) also should be informed at least 24 hours before a TRF treatment is started.
This can include, for example, children or other coinhabitants of the suspect, neighbors in a multiunit complex, or, perhaps, drivers sharing the roadway with a person transporting a mobile laboratory in a vehicle or carrying it in a backpack while walking.
The Late Pleistocene vertebrate fauna in Ohio: Coinhabitants with Ohio's Paleoindians.