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Many plant species develop freezing resistance when subject to low non-freezing temperatures, a physiological process known as cold acclimation. Cold acclimation is a dynamic process in which plants exposed to low but non-freezing temperatures acquire tolerance to sub-zero temperatures (Levitt, 1980).
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First, AFT provides an estimate of CH across all stages of cold acclimation (i.e., autumn acclimation, midwinter maximum hardiness and spring deacclimation).
maximiliani populations from three climatically diverse regions in central North America (Texas, Kansas and Manitoba) differ in their tolerance to freezing temperatures and whether effects of cold acclimation treatment differentially impacts freezing tolerance among these groups.
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As a first step, a genetic map construction was initiated and quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis of frost hardiness and cold acclimation performed.
Winterhardiness is a complex trait (Guy, 1990) and requires the development of cold acclimation by exposing plants to low nonfreezing temperatures, typically 0 to 10[degrees]C, and shortened photoperiod (Thomashow, 1999).