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Coming out of the bitter cold back home, the players are short on match practice and the team management is looking to test the waters.
The banks didn't simply catch a cold back in 2008, they were caught up in a veritable tsunami of epochchanging proportions which threatened to drown large parts of the civilised world.
Favourite destinations include Malta and the Spanish coast, although nowhere is proving more popular than the Canary Islands.E With great deals onEcheap flightsEto Lanzarote and the other isles are proving to be twice as popular as other destinations, with the sun-drenched haven set to be besieged by Brits desperate to escape from the cold back home.
I prayed that the weather will not be so cold back home," Rasoul added, as those without shelter in the devastated towns and villages in eastern Turkey risked being drenched by freezing rain.
After all, there is nothing quite like sitting on a beach in 85F heat (30C) while your friends and family are shivering in the cold back home...
She said: "We did advise the them (the Cabinet Office) that the start of winter would be exceptionally cold back in October."
This is typified by the rolling contract of Colin Calderwood, who rejoined the backroom staff after talks between Mike Ashley and Shearer went cold back in May.
They'll get cold back there in the bed," he explained.