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Therefore, if CCF had a failure on Wednesday they would begin restoring the cold backup and then Monday's hot backup, and then Tuesday's hot backup.
A cold backup is when an application is taken off line, which means there's no user access to the data, and the data is backed up.
Reduction of Data Loss Window: In cases of natural disasters and system failures, CYA works seamlessly with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, EMC NetWorker and Symantec Veritas NetBackup to reduce the total data loss window to within 15 minutes by rolling forward the repository from the point in time of the last cold backup.
With this call, a mainframe IBM z/114 to be procured as a productive machine with a cold backup machine.
01 Suite: -- RAID Support - RAID0/1/5/10/JBOD -- VMware Support - Save complete backup images to VMWare disk -- Win-PE engine - 100% compatibility to existing and new hardware -- E-mail Notification - Receive emails regarding status of backups -- Rapid Restore - One-click restoration of backed up data to original destination -- Cold Backup - Use Complete/Incremental backup outside Windows -- Post/Pre Commands - Execute commands before/after backups per schedule or manually -- Data Shredding - Meets U.