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Going to sleep was also rated as the most effective intervention and was significantly so compared with hot compress, cold compress, having a drink, and distracting self, he said.
The third measure--the girls' perception of stressor aversiveness--was gauged after a cold compress was applied.
With AMBI(TM), there's no risk of frostbite that comes from applying a cold compress directly to the skin, and there's no messy dripping and melting to contend with.
First aid for insect stings is to use a cold compress or ice cube to cool the area, and take an ordinary painkiller such as paracetamol.
Tommy put the ice around the wound and used his XXXX-large shirt to apply a cold compress to her head.
If you see someone get stung on a British beach hold an ice pack or cold compress against the skin for 10 minutes to relieve pain and swelling, and if possible raise the affected part of the body.
A cold compress is an excellent and practical reliever.
Other treatment: Tecnu can help if applied soon after exposure; over-the-counter cortisone creams may help a little; antihistamines and a cold compress can ease symptoms
A cold compress or rinsing irritated skin in cool water may be the oldest way to ease an itch.
An emergency call to the treatment desk and cold compress es applied by a rather nervous supervisor, I spent the evening having to lie flat out on the bed to keep them on.
For most stings a cold compress, plus paracetamol or ibuprofen, will be enough.