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The cold compress will be a relief as summer comes.
If you have muscle cramps and feel dizzy, you need to get in the shade, use a cold compress and take fluids.
Raise the affected part if possible, and apply a cold compress such as an ice pacK to minimise swelling.
Fans of the buff leading man may need a cold compress before the first hour is up as Jackman's rugged man of the earth enjoys a gratuitous shower in the outback, water and suds cascading over his tanned, muscular frame from multiple angles and in slow motion.
Alternatively, try applying a cold compress or ice to the nipple to see if it triggers the phenomenon.
Sleep was used significantly more than other interventions such as hot compress, cold compress, biofeedback, relaxation exercises, having a drink, and exercise.
Only last month Des O'Connor and his audience were in need of a cold compress after she gave them a lesson in booty-shaking during his daytime TV show.
The pupils completed a block design task that challenged their intellect, applied a cold compress to their foreheads that mimicked physical stress, and had a conversation with their mothers on a topic about which they disagreed.
Talk about the magical moments and apply a cold compress to the burns.
Cold compress was applied on the swollen part of her head and she was advised to see a doctor if the ache persists.
If you experience discomfort (pain, tenderness or swelling) at the venipuncture site, apply a cold compress for 20 minutes.
The teaching assistant said she had later put a cold compress on the boy's head.