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Place 1 pint cold cream, just out of the refrigerator, in a well-chilled 1-quart glass canning jar with a tight-fitting lid.
Cold cream or no, it's warming the muscles and joints, and breaking a sweat, that we bet is what has served her best.
Decades ago, our grandmothers relied on Ponds cold cream, coconut oil and Yardley's talcum powder.
While Minogue has turned to classic Pond's Cold Cream, available in Europe and America, women in Asia are ahead of the trend curve with access to the next generation of Pond's solutions.
I love beauty products," Kylie said when asked if her beautiful looks were due to the cold cream.
Here is her recipe for a cold cream developed by the Greek physician, Galen, in the second century.
Ponds, the cold cream purveyor owned by Unilever PLC, has created a customization campaign that allows women to find their best formulation by skin type and other variables.
He could abuse the English language; flaunt his homosexuality to Frank Harris; set himself alight smoking in his sleep; bring his own macaroni casseroles to the best dinner parties; refuse all country-house invitations for fear of strange beds, and when he did accept the hospitality of Comyns Cart he 'sat up all night in the drawing room with cold cream and black gloves on his hands'; he could be recklessly improvident and still be provided for.
Among the 6,000 or so oil-hungry items: crayons, disposable diapers,golf balls, panty hose, house paint, tires, linoleum, soft contactlenses, transparent tape, mops, tents, hair curlers, electric blankets,mineral oil, awnings, ammonia, insecticides, antiseptics, car soundinsulation, car battery cases, ink, paraffin wax, VCR tapes, sunglasses,toilet seats, water pipes, insect repellent, credit cards, ice trays,candles, rubbing alcohol, vitamin capsules, upholstery, putty, permanentpress clothes, electrician's tape, floor wax, eyeglasses, cold cream,shaving cream, bandages, nail polish, hearing aids, petroleum jelly,aspirin, shaving cream, toothbrushes, luggage, yarn, guitar strings,false teeth, ballpoint pens, heart valves, balloons, umbrellas, perfume,and pillows.
My barista dashed over and exchanged all the cold cream containers with new ones.
Sunk deep in their silver shallows,//a woman combs her wavy auburn hair and rubs cold cream into/her smooth//cheeks, which will slowly erode to old age's arroyos, waiting/for the winter/rains to fill and flood the dry washes.