cold shoulder

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The Made In Chelsea star, 25, wears a cold shoulder top with a Matthew Williamson feathery skirt and heels.
COLD callers are to get the cold shoulder in Golcar.
When Eileen comes home from hospital she receives a warm welcome from Jim, Colin and DJ, but Sioned gives her the cold shoulder, much to Eileen's disappointment.
COLD Shoulder launch their new single at the Lomax on September 28.
Obama's car Limousine "the Beast" got stuck and was given a cold shoulder by the Queen Elizabeth.
Koreans were not the only ones appalled by the cold shoulder President Bush gave South Korea's president and democracy hero, Kim Dae Jung, who worries that Washington might sink his "sunshine policy" of peaceful reconciliation with the North.
Since the WMW fiasco began, the CWL has given the cold shoulder to several bishops, the pro-life movement, and even many of its own members.
So far the governors have received a cold shoulder.
Then Bush gave the cold shoulder to South Korean President Kim Dae Jung and his "Sunshine Policy.
Frenking says that these molecules--like HArF--would have to spend their lives isolated within a frozen matrix, maintaining an eternal cold shoulder.
All this is dross, of course, but it becomes ludicrous and ugly when it proffers belched rumor as thought, as Simon Watney does in "Queer Andy," the essay that opens this collection: "Thus when other fifties homosexuals such as Frank O'Hara and Truman Capore gave him the cold shoulder because, in their times, he was too 'swishy,' too much of a window dresser, something very profound was at stake.