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Q I have a real problem with cold sores and would like to know how best to deal with them.
Ointments or tinctures are the usual way of dealing with ulcers and cold sores but can be difficult and messy to apply.
They found it effectively reduced the duration of cold sores when applied topically four times a day as soon as they appeared.
More than 90 percent of people in this country over the age of 50 have had cold sores.
The initiation of these trials marks a significant step towards the commercialization of a new treatment offering for cold sores, as well as potential other new offerings to come from our nanoemulsion-based platform technology.
GSK wanted to provide cold sore sufferers with an option to conceal their cold sores so they don't have to hide from the world.
He claims he's been faithful and blames my recent cold sores for his outbreak, but I'm beginning to wonder.
Their chance discovery led to the cold sore treatment being adapted to form a device called Restorelight, which is currently showing encouraging signs of anti-ageing in clinical trials.
A new study shows that 1-lysine topical ointment can reduce healing time and severity of symptoms when a painful and unsightly cold sore outbreak occurs.