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As the synthesis of HSP70s requires considerable energy and may thus occur at the cost of the synthesis of other proteins (Krebs & Loeschcke 1994), northern populations might have evolved a less costly way to resist cold stress (Lansing et al.
Therefore, REA may not increase, even though CW was higher in winter due to decreased feed efficiency caused by cold stress.
Effects of cold stress on the messenger ribonucleic acid levels of corticotrophin-releasing hormone and thyrotropin-releasing hormone in hypothalami of broilers.
Interfere genes under cold stress that connected vernalization genes caused accumulation of anti frost proteins, soluble sugars, absisic acid, synthesis of non-saturated phospholipids and the most tolerated stage to cold stress is rosette [9].
Cold stress results in approximately a 1% increase in the maintenance energy requirement for each Celsius degree or two degrees Fahrenheit below the LCT.
1] FW) induced the POX activity and found to be significantly higher than fruits subjected to cold stress alone [T.
Initially cotton seeds are subjected to cold stress (as described) and cotton plants are formed from the seeds that germinate.
0 nmol/mmol creatinine) and improved peripheral vascular response to cold stress.
6) Cold stress causes the increase in arterial thrombosis because the blood becomes more concentrated, and so more liable to clot, during exposure to cold.
These include improper culture, drought, waterlogging, heat or cold stress, disease, excessive thatch and unfavourable growing conditions such as shade or poor soils.
Manatees die from cold stress if water temperatures fail below 68 degrees Fahrenheit, so in winter they congregate by the hundreds to bask in the warm outflows from electric plants.
There was no evidence that these individuals varied in body condition and weight at time of implantation nor died from predation, vehicle collisions, or parasitism; therefore, we postulate that the armadillos in our study died from cold stress during winter.