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Obviously this time window greatly reduces the cold stress hours.
All strains bleached moderately in response to cold stress, but little evidence was observed to support significant strain-specific differences (Fig.
Previous studies [8,22] have reported that chicken T3 and T4 levels are elevated under cold stress.
Many transcription factors have been reported in response to cold stress and alter the expression levels of some cold stress-responsive genes, eventually affect several physiological traits to overcome the adverse conditions (Gilmour et al.
Cold stress produces intense stimulation of sympathetic nervous system and leads to almost complete withdrawal of parasympathetic activity.
Furthermore, we evaluated Xc-HSP70 expression at the mRNA level under heat or cold stress in larvae and pupae.
In Pakistan, tomato crop faces upto 70 percent yield loss due to cold stress, so if properly exploited this research study would help promote this crop.
Cold stress in broiler: global gene expression analyses suggest a major role of CYP genes in cold responses.
Heat and cold stress should be minimised and calves dealt with quietly - especially those born with assistance.
On the basis of the observation as changes in blood pressure the subject were divided into two groups--depending on their response to cold stress (Hines and Brown 1936).
They observed the effect of pain caused cold stress in the form of rise in blood pressure and on this basis subjects could be classified as hypo-reactors or hyperreactors.
In Each animals were subjected to cold stress by exposing them to 4 [+ or -] 10[degrees]C daily for 2 hours.