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Based on geographic/regional distribution the global Hot and Cold Therapy Packs Market is studied for key regional markets focusing on the respective geographic trends and statistics, and thereby delivering market size and forecast values.
Riki has been setting his alarm to wake himself up every two hours to administer cold therapy on his knee.
Hywel Edwards, 28, has invented an elasticated cap which blocks out light and applies cold therapy gel to the worst pain spots - the eyes, forehead and back and sides of the head.
Reducing swelling reduces recovery time and cold therapy reduces swelling, along with pain, inflammation, and bruising.
While the user is applying the hot or cold therapy, they can remain mobile.
Cold therapy also can be helpful when a patient is working to increase muscle strength and prepare long-immobilized joints and limbs for a return to physical activity.
NASDAQ:OFIX) (the Company) today announced that its sports medicine division, Breg[R], has signed a contract with Novation to be the exclusive manufacturer of cold therapy products for NOVAPLUS[R], the private label brand of Novation.
In August, Life Wear Technologies LLC introduced ThermalMAX long-lasting heat packs, extending its CryoMAX cold therapy brand.
In 2014, Performance Health extended its reach with the acquisition of TheraPearl LLC, which offers innovative hot and cold therapy products using the proprietary Pearl Technology, modeled after the 'bag of frozen peas' remedy.
Over the past 27 years, SunMedica has developed an excellent industrial reputation for new innovations in the areas of surgical orthopedics, wound management, cold therapy and sports medicine.
Company officials say its micro bead gel innovation keeps the pack soft and flexible for maximum comfort with cold therapy.
In the same way that you should protect yourself while using cold therapy, you'll also want to keep some kind of barrier between the heating pad and your skin in order to avoid burns.