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As horrific as some of the fantasy sequences are (the creature with the eyes in his hands has to be seen to be believed), the real world is even scarier, as in a scene where Vidal cold-bloodedly murders two peasants.
A mother spoke of her bewilderment at the killing of her son cold-bloodedly gunned down.
Better to forget than dwell on episodes which reveal the victors at their most racist and small-minded, cold-bloodedly manipulative or simply brutal beyond belief.
Only there is one marked difference between the first four and Ian Huntley, the school caretaker who somehow lured two beautiful, innocent young girls into his home and cold-bloodedly murdered them.
It requires a singular focus in committing the actual crime, quite cold-bloodedly.
In war children are 'collateral damage'; that is horror enough, but to cold-bloodedly and deliberately target children is unimaginably evil.
He would tell aspiring artists, 'If you can't cold-bloodedly come up with an idea each day, you'll never be a cartoonist.
The Nazis cold-bloodedly talked about the most efficient, and cheapest way, of destroying an entire race, punctuated with breaks to enjoy sumptuous food and fine wines.
Yet Sigrun never wavers in the pursuit of her ambitious goal to become the owner of a restaurant, and she cold-bloodedly manipulates family members, lovers, and co-workers into serving her interests.
When he suffers an attack, Regina withholds his medication and cold-bloodedly watches him die.
We cannot and will not liquidate our citizens cold-bloodedly like the Russian leadership did in Chechnya.