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This atrocity is different because of its sheer scale and cold-bloodedness, but if you lose someone close in a horrifying way, the impact will be the same for you regardless of however many others were involved.
He also, in harsh and unsparing language, bewails the cold-bloodedness of the mass media and their indifference, at least from his perspective, to injustice and suffering.
Jelisic's campaign of murder stands out for its cold-bloodedness.
With his combination of style and cold-bloodedness, he ascends quickly, and his position is cemented when his boss is railroaded into a prison term for racketeering.
According to the researchers, there is a clear correlation with the volume of nasal passages, the presence of respiratory turbinate bones, and warm- or cold-bloodedness.
It is worth understanding, this desperation, this cold-bloodedness, this drained hopelessness, this murderous rage.
Black rappers imaginatively rework and rewrite the historic tropes of black heterosexual, masculine (hyper)sexuality, insensitivity, detachment, and cold-bloodedness into new tropes of fascination and fear.