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GOING WILD: Nathan Davis 18 MONTHS: John Eddy BEHIND BARS: Damien Eddy DAMNING VERDICT: Recorder of Middlesbrough Judge Peter Fox QC, left, said the six yobs were cold-hearted and vicious as he locked them up with sentences ranging from six to 18 months
Another war orphan, now 64 years old, said in Chinese, ''In my heart, I have always held a grudge against the government for being so cold-hearted since I returned here to my mother country.
THIS Government has been guilty of making many cold-hearted decisions.
Some may take the view that it is 'only a hedgehog' but such cold-hearted lack of concern and respect is a recognisable symptom of many serious problems in society today.
A cold-hearted attitude on top of the coldest winter i n y e a r s.
I HOPE the cold-hearted thieves who stole pounds 500 destined for Rachel House Children's Hospice are caught soon.
The cold-hearted father had been having two affairs, and planned to kill his wife to ease his money worries.
Anyone who might suggest that it is about time the selfish motorists in our city got some sort of comeuppance is clearly nothing but a cold-hearted cynic.
I think the letter in Thursday's Chronicle was cold-hearted and out of order.
WHAT a cold-hearted and unfeeling person Jayne Wilkins (Viewpoints, May 8) must be when she reports that reading about, and watching the documentary of, the parents of Madeleine McCann "makes her sick".
The cold-hearted thief targeted the schoolgirl at 7.
Detective Sergeant Neil Holden, from Wigston police station, said: "The perpetrators of this crime are cold-hearted, preying on the most vulnerable.