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Make it about some--Oh, say, some callous, cold-hearted gal who's
Lisa Kleypas returns to the historical genre with the Victorian-era romance Cold-Hearted Rake (Avon, $7.
His cold-hearted killer had no right to play God and the world will be a much safer place with people like him behind bars.
I always knew she was a I always knew she was a cold-hearted psycho, I could tell cold-hearted psycho, I could tell by her voice.
The accused soldiers and the Aquino administration have escaped accountability by offering a cold-hearted justification of their atrocious military operations, saying that children are "unfortunate collateral damage" of armed encounters.
A FORMER police constable jailed for 10 years after repeatedly punching his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the stomach to try to bring on a miscarriage is "callous, cold-hearted and utterly selfish", his victim said yesterday.
Officers said that "due to the cold-hearted nature of the letter" it was not passed on to the victim.
A COLD-hearted thief stole pounds 250 from a frail 83-year-old man as he used a supermarket cashpoint in Coventry.
The cream-coloured dragon with big orange spots is drawn in a childish fashion, adding humour and challenging the scary cold-hearted dragon stereotype.
THEY were a cold-hearted, vicious pack of "savages" running wild on the streets of Teesside attacking innocent people.
The 41 year-old blonde who committed one of Britain's most notorious murders has been doing time at Drake Hall Women's Prison in Staffordshire - less than an hour's drive from the scene of the cold-hearted killing.
She discusses the natural and unnatural history, the cold-hearted family of serpents, snakebite, the big constrictors, cobras and kin, and the generation of vipers.